Fap Smith

Pussy Lips Doing the Twitch Dance

Fap Smith

Her left pussy lip twitched.

"What's that about?" she wondered.

Then she remembered. The same thing happened the day before Peanut got his head. Maybe he was going to stop by again. Or maybe he's just thinking of her.

As she relived how well he licked and slurped and teased her pussy that first time, her right pussy lip twitched, too.

Then both pussy lips started dancing. Not a slow dance, but a fast old-time disco type of dance. She had to hold them down so they wouldn't jump out of her panties!

"Peanut is a good name for him," she thought.

If it wasn't for his pussy-eating skills, there would be no point in getting naked with him. That little dickie of his wasn't enough to matter. Good thing he liked his head.

I almost laughed the first time I got a hold of that little dickie. Two fingers and a thumb were all that fit on that shaft.

You see, I'm a cock-sucking treasure. Of course I got him off.

Twittering the tip of my tongue along the bottom of his short shaft made him groan. Using my tongue to touch and stop-and-go swirl around his dickie head made his skinny legs go stiff and spread to max.

But the real treat, the one that transported him out of this universe into whatever erotic personal and private universe he treasures, was when I flicked the tip of my tongue back and forth on the underside his little dickie head right where his dickie shaft started.

It transported Peanut into a subjective erotic heaven. He twitched and moaned and his legs stiffened even more. He swung his head back and forth. He grabbed his hair. His hips humped. He even stopped breathing for a moment and then gulped air like there was a shortage.

I stopped for a moment. That breath stoppage was kinda scary.

But the instant I stopped, he raised his head and chest off the mattress and literally screamed, "MORE!!!!".

Not being the sadistic kind (only sometimes), I caressed his balls and returned the tip of my tongue to his most erotic spot. It was time to bring this to a close.

It took only one flick of my tongue on the bottom of his dickie, right where the head meets the shaft.

His nuts tightened and I knew the juice was coming.

Sure enough, it spurted. But there wasn't much. Maybe small dickies also have small come.

I got the impression it was the first time he got head. From someone as skilled as me, I mean.

But I enjoy making guys squirm. And he sure knows how to make a pussy feel good with his oral skills. Earlier, he had made me come several times. With each orgasm, he was gentle right afterward until I got my breath back and the sensitiveness had gone away a little bit.

He was a journeyman with his pussy-licking skills.

After each come, after I had a chance to luxuriate for a few minutes in the relaxing afterglow, he resumed his skillful tonguing. He even played with my pussy hairs, lightly, while his tongue went up and down my pussy and teased my clit into begging for more attention.

Yes, he was good.

I grabbed my phone and started typing.

"hey peanut wanna get a head my pussy lips twitching"

# # #