Fap Smith

My name is Fap Smith.

I write orgasmic stories.

Pussies get damp.
Cocks get hard.
Whips crack.

Ugly Ella - Becoming Owner and owned
me, Fap Smith

Lesbian BDSM. Consensual total-property slavery. Pleasant (and erotically painful) BDSM discovery. 52,000 word novel.

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What is a fapsmith?

Well, consider these two concepts, goldsmith and fapsmith:

A goldsmith is someone who works with gold to create treasures for rich folks.

A fapsmith is someone who works with words to create orgasms for flexible readers.

Goldsmith treasures are crafted with gold and other rare metals so the quality of the treasure is admired and experienced and so exquisite details are noticed. The quality elicits depth of experience.

Fapsmith orgasms are crafted with titillating stories to entice readers' imaginations for fully appreciating the erotic sensations experienced within the naughty predicaments. The quality elicits depth of experience.

More fap-friendly stories are being written.

Watch this page for notices.